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How to Recover Windows Admin Password & Reset Windows Admin Password

Windows system users always protect their Administrator account with a strong password, so that if forgot Admin password, things will go pretty tough, for reset Admin password comes with much more difficulty compared to reset guest or other user account passwords.

Usually, many of the users will try to reset Admin password Windows by using password hin t firstly, as hint option might be available to reset password Admin with the least effect. Then what if this hint option failed to recover Admin password?

Take it easy then, you could also reset lost Admin password Windows with Windows Password Killer as well in minutes if you failed to recall the password via hint option. This tool has 3 editions, it is advisable that use the Pro or Ultimate edition, which comes with all function and be comatiple with portable USB drive, the Lite edition works to who have CD/DVD. >> Compare Editions

Following is the tutorial on how to reset Administrator password efficiently with USB drive by taking use of Windows Password Killer Pro, well, CD/DVD could work as well.


Step 1.Download and install Windows Password Killer Pro on an accessible PC



Step 2. Run the program to burn a admin password reset USB drive.

1. Insert your USB drive into your computer, select ‘USB drive’, clicks ‘Start’ to continue.

usb drive

2. Your password reset USB drive is successfully created now, remove it, click ‘Close’ and ‘Yes’ to quit the burning process.


Step 3. Get Admin password recovery with the USB drive on the locked PC.

Insert the created USB drive into your locked PC, boot it, if the process failed, you have to set BIOS to boot from USB drive to continue the recovery process on Administrator password reset.

1.Once Windows Password Killer Pro starts running, select the target Windows system firstly, then click ‘Next’.

select windwos system

2. Select the target user accounts, click ‘Next’ to start the password recovery process.

select user accounts

3. The Windows Admin password is successfully reset now, take your USB drive out of PC, click ‘Reboot’ and ‘Yes’ to restart your PC, and you can login without password now.



Extended Reading

User Account Control (UAC) is a technology and security infrastructure aims to improve the security of Microsoft Windows by limiting application software to standard user privileges until a Windows Administrator authorizes an increase or elevation. It contains all privileges typically awarded to an administrator. When an application requests higher privileges or "Run as administrator" is clicked, UAC will prompt for confirmation and, if consent is given, start the process using the unrestricted token.

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